Mesothelioma Attorney in San Diego

Mesothelioma Attorneys San Diego

What Do You Need To Know Before Finding A Mesothelioma Attorney in San Diego?

To begin, the attorney must specialize in Mesothelioma cases and that has handled a large number of similar cases. You would also want the attorney to have enough staff to handle the legal process. Thirdly, you want a lawyer that will explain to you step by step the process and exactly what is details, as far as price, time and dedication.

What Is The Full Process?

The attorney must go through and explain all fees upfront. They should explain if your case should be handled as an individual case or as part of a class action. The attorney must explain if they work on a contingency fee and how much that percentage is. They must also tell you about any other fees entailed.


1. Diagnosis

The doctor will ask you, where and when you were exposed to asbestoses. The answer to this question is also critical to the Mesothelioma Attorneys San Diego for investigating the claim. The doctor's diagnosis and treatment plan is also key in determining compensation sufficient to cover the cost of that treatment.

The law firm will need to have specialized investigators research the potential sources of the asbestos exposure. The investigators will also research the exposure sites and products, the manufacturers, the distributors and sellers of the asbestoses materials and products responsible for the exposure to asbestos.

2. The Filing Of The Law Suit

The attorney will then be in a position to file a suit and a claim for damages against the parties responsible for the client's exposure to asbestoses.

3.Client's Deposition

Soon after the filing of the law suit the attorney will ask to provide testimony concerning the merits of the case including patient's medical condition and circumstances of exposure.

4. Trial / Settlement?

The case will either go to trial or a settlement will be agreed to.

5. Appeals

Should either the client or the defendant not accept the judgment they have the right to appeal. The law firm the patient chooses should include the appeals process as part of the agreement.

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